by charles poladian

All quiet as June makes its debut. The summer promises numerous highlights including festivals, free movies, free music, and great shows. Maybe you are going to see Phish this week, maybe you are catching one of five Art Brut shows at Mercury Lounge, maybe you are catching Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction.  This week promises a lot, so let’s get the Reel started.

Artist: Cave Singers
Song: Beach House
Artist: Wavves
Song: So Bored


See Who Gets Stuck Playing as Ringo in September

Ok, it’s not quite indie and not completely related, but it is about The Beatles. Allow the indulgence. There is going be a Rockband version for The Beatles. Prepared to sink your paycheck in buying replica versions of signature instruments such as the Rickenbaker bass and Gretsch Jet Duo. Enjoy the spotlight as you harmonize virtually with two other friends as you span their entire career. That’s right; you and two others can harmonize as John, Paul, and George while playing on The Ed Sullivan Show or at Shea Stadium. The game comes out on September 9 with 45 tracks including “I Am the Walrus”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Here Comes the Sun”. Check out the official page for all the latest details.

Micachu and the Shapes Show Off Their “Golden Phone”

There is something delightfully off with the young Micachu. Her incorporation of various off kilter components in “Golden Phone” make it a joy to listen attentively. Check out the fun video for this great track below.

Wavves Sinks at Primavera

What could have been a highlight of a young career turns out to be a disaster. As you probably know, Wavves frontman Nathan Williams did not have it together while performing the headlining spot for Pitchfork at Primavera. You can read the full story here, but needless to say Wavves’ future is in doubt due to the cancellation of the rest of their European dates. The reason for the meltdown was due to a mix of drugs and pressure.

Of course the Internet has been split between justifying this as a comeuppance for being a flash in the pan over-hyped joke and those who like his music and view this kid as a soon to be great. Of course those are the extremes and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. A lot of hype, immaturity, irresponsibility combined for disaster. Hopefully the end is a story of rebirth, where a person learned a lesson and due to this, becomes a better person and better musician.

San Diego Street Scene Makes Me Want to Go to Cali

San Diego has plenty going for it, including great weather year round and all the residents seem to be at ease. Well, San Diego’s Street Scene is happening this year, and it’s pretty stacked.  The two day event runs from August 28 until August 29. The acts on the bill so far include Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A, Thievery Corporation, The Dead Weather, Modest Mouse, Cake, SIlversun Pickups, Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, Chromeo, No Age, Ra Ra Riot, Los Campesinos, Crocodiles and Wavves. Check out for all the latest.

Stream Some Great New Music

Remember all that talk for the latest Dirty Projectors album, Bitte Orca, being great? Well, now you are going to get your chance to decide for yourself. NPR has the stream up for a week.

Noisy legends Sonic Youth are back with The Eternal. The couple of tracks we have heard so far make it seem like Sonic Youth are still at the top of their game and have crafted a more accessible album. Judge for yourself at iLike, it streams for a week and you can own the album next week.

Extra! Extra! New York Times Hates Grizzly Bear

We here at QC are huge Grizzly Bear fans. So, check out NY Times going against the grain, showing their disdain for Grizzly Bear. It’s almost refreshing to see some anti-Grizzly Bear sentiment considering the near universal praise for the act.

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