by ledoux & pelly (pictures by marc evan)

An effervescent Emily Haines neutralized the architecturally inefficient Terminal 5 last night. Touring for their album Fantasies, Metric kicked off their short but satisfying set with “Twilight Galaxy” and would settle in as the concert wore on. The band’s connections to NYC were evident in their performance as they formed a kinship with the young and predominantly female audience. Metric seems to have encapsulated the essence of dance-rock in this decade. If Debbie Harry has been trying to pass the new wave torch, she’s found her trustees in Emily and her band mates.

Artist: Metric
Song: Twilight Galaxy

The vocals along with the highs and lows were perfectly balanced, especially for an uneven space. Metric was particularly strong performing their older material, dropping a modified intro to “Monster Hospital” and getting the crowd ramped with “Dead Disco.”  They also performed a fantastic rendition of “Empty” which showcased their ability to improvise and maintain the energy and flow of the song through its duration.

Emily maintained an heir of eloquence throughout the evening, giving a very poignant speech before “Gimme Sympathy” which demonstrated the thought behind the song and the ideas behind the somewhat questionable lyrics.

We had hoped Haines would ground herself for “Sick Muse,” one of the highlights off the Fantasies LP, but she lost power in her vocal on the chorus: ‘everybody just wanna play the lead’. The song should have been earlier and allowed her to sing the high octave fully. But aside from that, the complaints are minimal. Haines and the band were radiant last night, closing with a high energy version of “Stadium Love” and an acoustic version of “Live It Out” for the lone encore. The closing bow was momentous and it was clear that Metric felt a warm welcome back in NYC.

Here are some pics of last night’s set by QC staff photographer Marc Evan:

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