by katharine moore

People have always seemed unable to resist the temptation of gathering in large groups.  As far back as 4500 B.C. in ancient Egypt there were religious rites and political fests that featured music and dance.  Fast-forward to the 21st century and festivals have taken over summer social scenes around the globe, and yet the common themes remain – music, revelry, and the outdoors. Quiet Color is happy to report on the Wanderlust Festival, a brand new festival that seeks to engage not only the music lover in all of us but also the many aspects of the dynamic people we are.

Artist: Kaki King
Song: Gloves Off (Daytrotter sesh)

Wanderlust aims to be a boutique, three-day experience that brings top-tier rock ‘n’ roll performers together with the world’s leading yoga teachers, all in a setting of breathtaking natural beauty. This feast for both the body and the mind takes place July 24-26 at Squaw Valley USA, Lake Tahoe, California. In addition to music and yoga, Wanderlust will also incorporate activities that support environmentalism and locally grown organic food.

The founders of Wanderlust are Manhattan-based Velour Record Label owners Sean Hoess and Jeff Krasno, along with Jeff’s wife Schuyler Grant, a yoga studio owner in lower Manhattan. They have partnered with C3 Presents (Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival) and Starr Hill Presents (Bonnaroo, Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival). Jeff explains, “Through my wife Schuyler, I was exposed to the everyday yoga student. These are people who care deeply about health & wellness, eating good food and taking care of our planet. They are passionate about music and art. They value community and friendship deeply. They are juggling their careers and checking their Blackberries while trying to cultivate some kind of spirituality in a world that is getting smaller and more complex. As people who have been in the live music scene for a long time, we were inspired to create a large-scale event based around these observations.”

Here is it how it will work: You start off each day on the right foot (tree pose) by scheduling yoga classes just like you schedule which band to see, you take the gondola up to the music village at 8,200 feet and listen to the likes of Spoon, Jenny Lewis and Andrew Bird, skip the gondola and walk back down to the village if you dare where you can then party all night, getting weird with the likes of Girl Talk and Yeasayer.

In a time when nothing in our lives is absolute or untouched – every part of our dinner plate blending together – Wanderlust seeks to find a balance between the different aspects of healthy living. No doubt, I’ll be taking my grown up money and buying a pass to the Wanderlust.

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