post and pics by ritz pelly (video of new deerhoof song by dev rogerino)

The masters of pop song deconstruction played an inspired set for a sold out Le Poisson Rouge last night. The music forward quartet routinely made a mess of syncopated sound just to clean it up mid track with the sweetest melodic hooks and riffs. The crowd was enthralled and the appreciation was mutual. Drummer and Deerhoof founder Greg Saunier noted that “regardless of one’s prior self regard and regardless of the many stage errors that may occur, there’s an unaccountable factor that would prevent us from feeling like we ever played poorly.. and that is you the audience.”

Artist: Deerhoof
Song: Panda Panda Panda

A Deerhoof show is like watching stop motion music. Japanese singer and bassist Satomi Matsuzaki leaps from novelty to legendary when you can behold her energy in a live moment. She’s a piece of music history you want to freeze frame in your mind. The instrumentation and vocals combine to form a highly organized but displaced sound that bonds with your memory. Trying to get “Panda Panda Panda” out of your head is near impossible.

With over a decade of releases, the band played tracks from various albums. In addition to “Panda Panda Panda” off of Apple O’, other notable tracks included “The Tears & Music of Love” and “Basketball Get Your Groove Back” from Offend Maggie. The crew also rocked a new song titled “I Did Crimes For You” which they apparently revamped during sound check. Whatever they did worked because the song was awesome and we conveniently have on original video shot for QC by Devin Rogerino.

I would strongly recommend you make it to a Deerhoof show whenever possible. Taking in their live performance confirmed their spot in my Top Ten Bands of the Decade.

Here are some more snap shots from the show..

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