by greg dybec

Back in April of this year I wrote a review on Doom’s much anticipated reemergence back into the hip-hop game with his album Born Like This. I had concluded that review by stating that I expect to see a lot more from my favorite masked man in the near future. Well it’s about six months since then and news broke last week that the metal faced villain is back with an interesting compilation entitled Unexpected Guests, set to drop October 27th.

Artist: Doom
Song: Saliva (Produced by RJD2)

Unexpected Guests is an assembly of various tracks that Doom has had stored away in his larger than life catalog. These tracks include guest appearances, remixes, and tracks that were distributed as vinyl only singles or never had an official album release. As usual Doom proves to us that he only hangs out with the best of them. The album includes appearances by Ghostface, Talib Kweli, GZA and more. As well as tracks produced by Jake One and J Dilla.

Most of the tracks on Unexpected Guests will be nothing new for Hardcore Doom fans. However it’s a pleasant surprise to see them actually thrown onto an album, which will most definitely play like a mix tape. There is also a supposed feature of a live version of the song “I Hear Voices” from Operation Doomsday. All in all this compilation of hard to find tracks will be crammed with the usual super villain flow, funky beats, unparalleled sound clips, and barrage of genuine guests that we are accustomed to. Plus it is proof that Doom does not plan on another long term hiatus. We hope.

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