by ramin freel

Insound is doing it right, producing two exclusive 7-inch vinyl singles with credible indie bands on the steady incline. You can currently pre-order you 7″ vinyl of Suckers’ “Save Your Love For Me,” plus an “It Gets Your Body Movin” remix by Chris Keating of Yeasayer. Stock is expected on November 24.

Artist: Wildbirds and Peacedrums
Song: There Is No Light

The second two-track single features “My Heart” by Wildbirds and Peacedrums, plus a Deerhoof remix of the same track. Wildbirds opened for Deerhoof at Le Poisson Rogue two weeks back and followed with an inspired show at the Bell House that elicited a boat load of blog love. It’s all well deserved, as the music is well crafted, worldly, and motion inducing. This 7″ is available now and you can pick it up here.

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