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Mission of Burma have just released The Sound, The Light, The Fury their third album since they first returned from a twenty-year hiatus. Like it’s two predecessors, OnOffOn and The Obliteratti, it’s every bit as relevant as their output thirty odd years ago. It kicks off with recent live staple “1, 2, 3, Partyy!” which we present for you below.

Artist: Mission of Burma
Song: 1, 2, 3, Partyy!

Our friends in Shark? sent us this cover of Dinosaur Feathers‘ “Cold Arabella.” They strip down the harmonies and drum machines and reveal a gooey center. Then they re-name it “Colder Arabella.” Enjoy.

Artist: Shark?
Song: Colder Arabella (Dinosaur Feathers Cover)

No Age just released an EP that shows them maturing and becoming confident song writers. Most people have been posting closing track “You’re A Target,” but we think opener “Losing Feeling” shows the most potential from this gracefully maturing band. Can’t wait for the next full length.

Artist: No Age
Song: Loosing Feeling

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