by amy davis

Garage pop rockers, Hair Rocket have discovered that the path to subversive enlightenment is best met with a pair of scissors, a lighter and an impressive arsenal of projectile fireworks. They have found that the quickest way to travel this road to personal revelation is by way of launching a hair rocket, (a bottle rocket fused with equal parts human hair, tape, and crafty pyrotechnics).

Artist: Hair Rocket
Song: Come Here Be Near

Lead singer/guitarist Chris Blasucci created Hair Rocket, both the band and the stylish bottle rocket as an outlet for cathartic artistic expression. During live performances, the Pennsylvania-based band, invites audience members to join them on their journey of insight with mane sacrifices for a hair rocket. A pair of scissors is passed around and snipped hair is collected, which will later be taped to a rocket and launched.

Blasucci, with the help of a pyromaniac friend, created his first hair rocket one year ago during a conceptual music video for his song, “Go Home.” Initially adverse to creating an entire album and forming a band, Blasucci was finally persuaded by former bandmate Matt Taylor, of Brooklyn/Philadelphia’s Aderbat, to release the Hair Rocket EP, “Novelty” under Taylor’s newly-formed label, Mountebank Records.

Quiet Color caught up with Blasucci, the world’s leading expert in subversive enlightenment, and a self-appointed creator of atmos-hair to talk about all things follicular in nature, as well as Hair Rocket’s Oct. 8 gig at Don Pedro.

QC: What is the concept behind the first Hair Rocket music video?

Blasucci: I basically created this character, myself, who decides to collect the hair from his three ex girlfriends, make a wig and put it on a rocket to release himself from their power over him.

QC: How was the launch?

Blasucci: It didn’t work, but we tried and that became the beginning of the whole idea of subversive enlightenment and cathartic art acts.

QC: How receptive have people been to donating locks of their hair during each performance?

Blasucci: They love it. People will hand scissors to their friends. It’s so precious. I didn’t know if everyone was just going to say, ‘fuck no,’ but I’m finding more and more that it’s a thrill and people will even come up after the show ask to donate hair for the rocket.

QC: Do you always incorporate performance art pieces into your live shows?

Blasucci: I’d rather have our live performances be less of a concert and more of a show that involves the audience.

QC: How does the cathartic experience of each hair rocket launch differ from person to person?

Blasucci: Everyone has something that’s bothering them, a skeleton, or a secret– something they might not even know how to look at. So with this seemingly ridiculous act, they may be able to see it in a new way and may be even laugh at being too serious about life.

QC: Explain your “10-song Sacrifice project”

Blasucci: The 10 song Sacrifice is a campaign I started to share the concept of Hair Rocketing directly with one fan at a time. The fan chooses any song for me to cover and I make a video of myself on an acoustic guitar and vox on the bridge where my other videos were filmed and sing that fan’s song into a rocket, cut off some of my hair and launch it and forever form a bizarre bond with each individual fan. This sacrifice will begin after I launch the hair from the last 4 shows.

QC: Your next hair rocket will be created from hair collected from 4 shows? That’s pretty gross.

Blasucci: It’s totally gross. I don’t know if I’m proud of it, but it’s funny.

QC: What tips do you have for a successful bottle rocket launch?

Blasucci: Tips for a successful hair rocketing experience are: sharp scissors, bottle rocket with a dry fuse, a lighter, duct tape (easy to peel and unpeel if there’s trouble with rogue hair), a sense of humor, and an alibi to tell the police if you’re cornered in a state where small hairy explosions are illegal.

QC: Name one CD that changed your life.

Blasucci: Shooby Taylor is hard to ignore and the fastest way to go from sane to way out! I’m also a Lennon freak so, “Imagine.”

QC: Favorite places to catch shows in Philly and New York?

Blasucci: For Philly, The Khyber and for New York, I loved Monkey Town.

QC: What new songs are you launching for your show at Don Pedro?

Blasucci: We have two new songs we’re working on and will reveal at Don Pedro; “Motorcycle” and “Chasing Us.”

Upcoming Hair Rocket Gigs:

Oct 8 Don Pedro, Brooklyn

Oct 15 M Room, Philadelphia

Nov 19 Lit Lounge, NYC

Nov 21 John and Peters, New Hope P

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