by cheryl santa maria

Emily Haines is, in every sense of the word, a star. Her incredible voice, combined with her fashion sensibilities and energetic stage presence, have been known to send audiences into a frenzy and last night’s sold-out performance at Toronto’s Massey Hall was no exception. A member of the indie rock scene for nearly twenty years, Haines is a veteran. Her ninety-minute performance can best be described as action-packed: she danced, thrashed and jumped about the stage the entire time without faltering her lyrics or missing a single beat on her synths.

Artist: Metric
Song: Help, I’m Alive

If you’ve ever had your doubts about Emily Haines, seeing her live will smash them to pieces. She is, in my opinion, one of the best performers I’ve seen in a very long time.

Native Torontonians, Metric was at the top of their game last night. The band played all of their best-known songs as well as a few of their newer tracks – roughly half of the songs on last night’s set list were from Fantasies, Metric’s most recent album.

Haines thanked the crowd on numerous occasions for the hometown support and was humbled to be performing at one of the city’s most prestigious venues.

“Ever since we were little kids we’ve dreamed about playing Massey Hall,” she said. “We’re still reeling from the fact that we’re actually here … I used to go to my crappy day job and … dream [about this].”

The Stills opened up the concert. Although they sounded great (Julien Blais is an amazing drummer), the band did little to motivate the crowd. Half of the audience appeared to be asleep during The Stills’ forty-five minute set: nobody danced in the aisles, there was little shouting and their songs were followed up with golf claps. That being said, The Stills are a solid band. They may, however, need to work on developing a stage presence.

Metric’s Canadian tour will be wrapping up November 3 in Vancouver, B.C. Click here to view the rest of their show dates.  Do yourself a favour and go see Metric the next time they’re in town. They’re truly a great band and you must see them live.

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