by marisa brown

Times are tough, we all know that. Still, that doesn’t mean you should sit alone on your couch every day staring at a wall and thinking of ways to turn your old socks into installation art (limit that to Thursdays only). And also, well, let’s be honest here: we already get a lot of free stuff, and while I’m certainly not making a comment about illegal downloading (those who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…), every once in a while it’s good to support the people out there making music by going out and buying something! Hence, A Fistful of Dollars, my carefully curated suggestions on what you should be spending your money on. And since at least nobody I know is particularly rich, I’m going to keep things to a reasonably sized fistful: $20* . Restrain yourself from those extra Bloody Marys at Sunday brunch and there we are.

Artist: Kap Bambino
Song: Batcaves (Jackson Remix)

The High Places – “I Was Born” ($1)

I’m a big fan of male/female duos (see below), and I’m also a big fan of bedroom pastiche indie electronica. Hence, I’m a big fan of High Places, who, early this year, made the brave move from Brooklyn to LA. There are plans, of course, for a new album, and possible 12″ releases, but “I Was Born” marks the first thing we’ve heard since the relocation. The song definitely fits into the sound they created on their 2008 debut full-length, but there’s a driving beat here, below the clicks and cracks and found sounds, that makes “I Was Born” stick in your head and makes my anticipation for whatever they’re going to do next grow even more.

Midnight Juggernauts “The New Technology” 7″ single ($6.50)

The Midnight Juggernauts are an Australian trio who released the excellent disco-without-actually-being-disco (I hate disco) album, Dystopia, in 2008. They’ve just come out with a new single, “The New Technology,” which sounds every bit as good as “Into the Galaxy” did last year. Yeah, you can download the electronic package, but when you can get the limited-edition 7″ single instead, why bother with crappy iTunes quality?  Note: 500 copies available, no repress.

Kap Bambino @ the Studio at Webster Hall ($12)

Back to my male/female duo love. Very possibly unstable French electro-noise duo Kap Bambino don’t make it over to North America that frequently, so the fact that they’ll be at the Studio at Webster Hall on Saturday, November 14 is cause for celebration. Think Crystal Castles meets the Kills meets a shitload of synths meets crazy French people meets what will only be considered a good time.

Grand Total: $19.50

**You still have 50 cents for a super ball at a grocery store vending machine!!!

* Disclaimer: I’m making the assumption that mp3s cost $1, and unless noted, I’m not going to factor in any shipping costs or service charges. Too complicated, and before you know it, this has become a rudimentary math column, and not a music one. And that’s boring.


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