by wichita stait

While one of our favorite acts Sleigh Bells also played this show, they’ve gotten enough press to carry them through X-mas so I wanna focus my props on Kap Bambino for a moment. After a quick sampling of their myspace tracks and a few potent remixes from the blogosphere, I went in to this gig expecting trip-pop sounds from the French duo. I quickly realized I was dealing with beastly electronicka punk, something the youth could shake its ass to. What Caroline Martial’s vocals lacked in musicality was more than made up for with her palpable and sharp energy that tricks you out and turns you on simultaneously. This is a band whose talent is realized in a live setting because you can fuck with the vibe they’re throwing at you, and give back. Above all, it should be noted that Orion Bouvier is a ridiculous f’n DJ. His cuts are heterogeneous mixes that artfully combine elements of grime and industrial, perpetually driving you forward. These beats are premium and could easily stand alone in the NYC electronicka scene. If your body ever lusts to be thrown into a gyrating blender of benevolent aggression and joy, catch a Kap show.

Artist: Kap Bambino
Song: Bluescreen

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