by joel chaffee (picture by daniel boud)

Sherlock’s Daughter, with all five musicians playing or otherwise cavorting sound from their instruments, were very loud. The November 19 show at Pianos in Manhattan was intense with volume. Given that these deafening adventures were intermingled with vocals both delicate and dominating, and melodies as catchy as a cold, there were no complaints.

Artist: Sherlock’s Daughter
Song: Song for Old People
Artist: Sherlock’s Daughter
Song: Sons and Daughters

Playing in support of their debut self-titled EP, the band opened with EP-closer “In the End.” The song includes tribal rhythms, controlled by drummer William Russell, and supporting warm squawks from Jonti Danimals, who spent the night on keyboard and manipulating some audio device. This song’s mantra as each piece has its own was “Love can’t hurt us now.” Whether this was terrible or lovely was not clear. Vocalist Tanya Horo performs in such a way that every word is alluring her frequent adjustments to the length of her dress being no hindrance and also, perhaps, dangerous. Where are we, after all, in these catchy melodies and a rhythm section that harnesses form when the guitars were caterwauling about the place. Guitarist Tim Maybury, strumming quickly back and forth, hushed the place with the beautiful vehemence of a delayed effect, as though the Lord were hurling the sound down from on high.

The band’s EP does not offend with volume as did the live performance. Neither suffers for the choice. The intensity of the live experience was surprising, as though the band were forcing it upon us, after luring us in with melody, and the girl, and the rhythm section that held our sway.

Closing with “Song For Old People,” the band was all rhythm, the four not holding sticks using hand claps to elaborate on Russell’s propulsion. “When once you were younger / Driven by the snow / I know, I know / It’s life.” It’s as hooky as the Captain, but it just must be patronizing to the aged. It was captivating for us. After all, love can’t hurt us now. Or yet.

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