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We asked around the office today to see what we were thankful for this year, and we’d like to share it with you.

One note: the one thing we’re all thankful for is YOU! our readers. Thanks for being loyal and awesome. We’ll be back with more posts soon.

Artist: Mika Miko
Song: Turkey Sandwich

Jon Ledoux: My boyfriend and I are thankful that Phoenix found mainstream success with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. However, we’re less thankful that their shows are now filled with college jocks.

Chris Carpenter: I am thankful that Derek Miller left Poison the Well to form Sleigh Bells. And that Derek and Alexis rocked Market Hotel at the QC Showcase.

Liz Levine: I’m thankful for the forthcoming Beach House album Teen Dream, and for rumors of a new Joanna Newsom album.

Jake Cohen: I’m thankful Josh Homme is still on a supergroup kick; maybe he can do something with Brann Dailor and Glenn Danzig next year.

Neil Roberts: The resurgence of vocal harmony

Chris Mulligan: I’m thankful David Byrne continues to be the baddest mother on the planet.

Kevin Diamond: I’m thankful for the new Soft Pack album coming out. It’s gonna blow minds.

Christos Mountzouros: Lady Gaga‘s “The Fame Monster.” The record is a dark yet accessible look at the monsters/fears that haunt us all: fear of sex, fear of love, fear of death, fear of alcohol. The tracks are amazingly produced, INCREDIBLY FUN TO DANCE TO AT PARTIES, but also have a real heart.

Marisa Brown: I’m thankful that the resurgence of vinyl and the appearance of the Snuggie happened at the same time. Don’t know how I would spin records and stay warm otherwise.

Greg Dybec: The Pixies Doolittle tour!

Alex Pellerano: I’m thankful for the new Animal Collective EP, Fall Be Kind which is slightly addicting, John Vanderslice’s “Too Much Time” which got me through many sullen moments, and I’m eternally hopeful that Christos’ Lady Gaga phase will crash and burn in a fiery smoke-filled blaze.

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