by Marina Garcia-Vasquez

[Editor's Note: Quiet Color is extremely pleased to have Marina Garcia-Vasquez reporting on Art Basel from Miami. More of her work can be found on her website Pairs of Chairs]

I was invited to the VIP show of the infamous NYC night theater The Box’s pop-installation for Art Basel at Nikki Beach. The whole scene outside was a mess, between the sponsor’s step-and-repeat complete with photographer, and the clash between New Yorkers and local Floridians. But once we got in we were handed bottles of Dos Equis and ushered in the direction of the stage. Since I frequent The Box at home in NYC, I was excited to see familiar faces and acts once the show started. The flier for the show kindly reads burlesque dancers, aerial acrobats, and fire-eaters, but once you see the sexy theatrics of the variety show¬†with your very own eyes you know such descriptors are bland.

There is a lot of skin and a lot of shape-shifting and costume removal. It is titillating, tantalizing, and scandalous in a good way! The blond Elvis host Johhny Fava announces the chanteuse, Melody Sweets. Her shimmy and song are robust and satiating. The real show stopper, though, is Leonid the Magnificent with his rhinestone thong costume and exquisite working of the splits while balancing a sword on his chin, warranting standing applause. And the show continued with a graphic display of dancing genitalia by Narcissister. It was all oh so New York!

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