by chuck bell

Back in May, Dead Bands posted articles on two of the most influential 90′s post-hardcore bands, Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbox. Within weeks, SDRE announced that they were going to reunite for a tour, which coincided with their Sub Pop reissues. In the past few weeks, Jawbox have had a similar revitalization. In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their breakthrough album, For Your Own Special Sweetheart, DeSoto Records released a remastered edition on November 23rd. The reissue includes three bonus tracks, which were previously only available on the Savory+3 EP – “68,” “L’il Shaver,” and a cover of the Big Boys’ “Sound on Sound.”

Artist: Jawbox
Song: Savory

This past Tuesday, the band played a one-off set on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” In their first time performing together since 1997, Jawbox played Sweetheart‘s chaotic opening track, “FF=66,” their almost-single, “Savory,” and B-side, “68.” Although frontman J. Robbins has said that they currently do not have any touring plans, the combination of the reissue and this rare performance are good signs for the future. It may not be much, but when it comes to Jawbox, I’ll take what I can get.

Here’s the link to their performance of “Savory.”

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