by elo bust

Early in their musical journey, Buenos Aires duo Tonolec came across some indigenous Toba people living near their home in north-east Argentina. They decided to embrace the culture, learned the Toba language, and attempted to understand their music. Combining what they gained with their own personal elements of Spanish composition and electronic beats, an original sound was born.

Diego Perez handles beats while playing keyboard and guitar, and Charo Bogarin offers lead vocals. In person, Charo radiates like a bird of paradise often dawning an ornate, tribally inspired wardrobe.

The group has two albums worth discovering: Tonolec (2005) and Plegaria Del Arbol Negro (2008). Make sure to take the trip. Tonolec is a truly refreshing beast, creating music genuinely sourced from real culture, but embodied in a modern way.

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