by ND McCray

Akabu, / Wind It Up EP – (Audiojack and Joey Negro Mixes) / House

The electro sounds of Akabu, mixed by techno masters Audiojack and soulful house producer Joey Negro, make Sax My Bitch Up EP a well-rounded mix of energy and excitement. The killer bassline and consistent wail of its instrument make “Sax” rock. However, it’s the bonus track “Freak Out The Freaks” that truly gets the juices flowing.

Track Listing:

1) Sax My Bitch Up (Joey Negro Club Mix)
2) Sax My Bitch Up (Audiojack Mix)
3) Drug My Bitch Up
4) Piano My Bitch Up
5) Freak Out The Freaks

Ryo Murakami / 2017 EP / Deep House / Tech House

Having called Okinawa my home for three of eight years while serving in the Air Force, I’ve come to appreciate the diversity of Japan’s culture and its musical output. Herein goes Tokyo-native Ryo Murakami‘s latest release 2017 on the Relaxine label. Simply put: sleek minimal deep house grooves.

Artist: Ryo Murakami
Song: 2017 EP

Track Listing:

1) 83.2
2) 2017
3) 46.3

Claude VonStroke / Bird Brain – (Bonus Track Version) / Techno-House / Dubstep

San Francisco based tech-house producer Claude VonStroke (aka Barclay Crenshaw) has dropped an album so hard on funk house…I almost forgot he’s a white boy from Detroit. For one, he’s linked up with King of Funk, Parliament-Funkadelic alumni Bootsy Collins on the comically dark and dubby “Greasy Beat.” Two, he shows mad love for T&A on “Big n Round.” And three, his “Beat That Bird” with fellow Dirty Bird Justin Martin is exactly what dancefloors were made for. Bottom line: Dirty Bird is bass-laden, fun, funky and well, dirty. Cop it!

Artist: Claude VonStroke
Song: Bay Area

Track Listing:

1) Monster Island
2) The Greasy Beat feat. Bootsy Collins
3) Vocal Chords
4) Big n Round
5) Bay Area
6) California
7) Aundy
8) Beat That Bird w/ Justin Martin
9) Storm On Lake St. Claire
10) Jasper’s Baby Robot
11) The Greasy Beat (Natural Funk Mix) feat. Bootsy Collins
12) Aundy (Radio Edit)
13) Big n Round (Radio Edit)
14) California (Radio Edit)
15) Vocal Chords (Radio Edit)
16) Beat That Bird (Radio Edit)


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