by ernsk

We’ve been dreaming about this party for a while now. Never considering that it might actually go down in real life. So we’re thankful for the unexpected which will abound at the House Of Yes next Saturday night, January 30th. Javelin is headlining Quiet Color’s Sloppy Circus; a night of fire performers, aerial acrobats, pole dancers, and video artists. You’ll be walking into a whimsical atmosphere, release therapy for your earthly routine. Transport yourself to a bohemian circus, dip a hand into our bag of tricks for your entrance prize (first 100 guests), snap a memory in our candy-striped photo booth, and get your face painted by the lovely pixies. In addition to Javelin, The Shivers, Dinowalrus, Ava Luna, and Shark? foot the bill. $10 entry also includes free Two Boots Pizza while supplies last. It all goes down 1/30/10 at the House Of Yes (342 Maujer St. / L to Grand St.), your escape comes soon. rsvp here.

Artist: Javelin
Song: Tu Machina


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