by tao (concert pic by michael forester)

You can mark down April 20th as the US release date for Caribou’s latest, Swim.┬áDan Snaith has laid relatively low, writing and touring since his last release in 2007. This new record promises a new type of sound from the master beat maker. Born Ruffians’ singer Luke Lalonde contributes vocals on album closer “Jamelia” and the track “Hannibal” features a four-piece horn section. You can peak the full track list after the jump and check out the disc’s first single, “Odessa.” Look out for Swim on Merge Records in April.

Artist: Caribou
Song: Odessa


1. Odessa
2. Sun
3. Kaili
4. Found Out
5. Bowls
6. Leave House
7. Hannibal
8. Lalibela
9. Jamelia

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