by raleigh st. claire

As QC’s Sloppy Circus approaches, we’re highlighting each band on the bill to help you get further acquainted. Following up with our Ava Luna profile, today we look at the three-piece Brooklyn band Shark?. Fronted by QC-staffer Kevin Diamond, they are more than just “our friend’s band.” They’ve constructed catchy garage rock melodies that span a wide range of demographics. Despite the distorted guitars and vocals, the rhythms speak to the pop side of our brains and the lyrics are emotive. These guys are fearless trash titans and they’re lurking around the corner. Yesterday Shark? dropped it’s second EP, Noise Maker which you can grab for free here. They open the Quiet Color party on Saturday at 9pm sharp, followed by Ava Luna, Dinowalrus, The Shivers, and Javelin.

Artist: Shark?
Song: (I Don’t Believe In) Miracles

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