by kevin diamond

The intrinsic beauty of Saturday Night’s QuietColor show at House of Yes lies in the total spectrum of sound covered by its five acts. Every band brings a unique perspective on what it means to be an “indie-rock” band in this new decade. Case in point: Dinowalrus, a self-described “three-piece drum-and-drone band,” who sits smack in the middle of Saturday’s stellar line-up.

Artist: Dinowalrus
Song: Electric Cars, Gas Guitars

Featuring a member of Titus Andronicus, Dinowalrus brings more than a little of Titus’ energy, enthusiasm and punk rock ethos to the songs on their new album “%”. But in place of the former band’s loose bombast, here Dinowalrus brings tight break beats and sweeping, dreamy, noisy atmospherics. It’s a winning formula, one that pays off on songs like “Electric Car, Gas Guitar.”

Dinowalrus are bridging the gap between several disparate indie rock flavors – the electronic noise flourishes, punk rock guitar, and occasional tribal-influenced drumming – and they bring them together artfully and successfully again and again.

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