by zach fisher

I recently stumbled across a duo from Saratoga Springs, NY called Phantogram. A phantogram is an optical illusion that uses distorted projection or perspective to produce a 2D image that is distorted in a particular way so as to appear, to a viewer at a particular vantage point, three dimensional.  Musically speaking, it is guitarist Josh Carter and keyboardist Sarah Barthel, and their music is anything but 2-dimensional. Both musicians’ vocals appear through their album Eyelid Movies, a slightly haunting yet very melodic and beat-friendly first full length.  With an undeniable chemistry (they’ve known each other since junior high), the two have a uniquely experimental take on indie dance pop. And remember, it’s just two people.  Eyelid Movies came out yesterday and Phantogram plays two NYC show this week at Union Hall and Mercury Lounge. Make sure to check out their myspace for more details.

Artist: Phantogram
Song: Mouthful Of Diamonds

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