by kate ‘face’ maxwell

Devo’s back with a new album as well as an abstract color study to involve their fans in their marketing strategy.¬†With questions such as “What color will not lift this woman’s sinking depression?” and “What color will intoxicate this man the most?” the band prompts us to use color to consider both the norms of society as well as our own interpretations of it.¬†Devo states that the survey has been implemented in partnership with their new marketing agency Mother LA to help them determine every decision it makes as a band, from brand color to instrumentation on a given track. The new song “Fresh” is catchy, fun and psychedelic; not trying to evolve their sound but embodying that very 80s synth pop that makes them Devo. Partake in Devo’s tripped out color study here. And check out the the track “Fresh” off their upcoming album below.

Artist: Devo
Song: Fresh

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