by zach fisher

Who doesn’t like Gorillas? They are powerful, majestic, fierce but loving and intelligent beasts. I wish I could give one a hug right now, but it would kill me. The same description might be given to the new Gorillaz album which is set to release March 8. Powerful like Snoop Dogg and Mos Def, majestic like Lou Reed and The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music, loving and intelligent like Little Dragon and Bobby Womack, all of whom collaborated. Now gorillas aren’t the best dancers, but it might be hard for them not to at least try with this album. Too many great groves and toxically catchy melodies to mention here so check out NPR’s first listen here, or The Guardian’s at this link. This album has no natural predators.

Artist: Gorillaz
Song: Superfast Jellyfish

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