by kevin diamond

This week on the Hype Filter, we have a quick survey of bands I’ve seen and look forward to catching while I’m at SXSW this weekend. If you know me at all, you can probably guess that these bands live in the dirty side of the pond. Lots of lo-fi goodness. Best part about these bands: I’ll be seeing them all at unofficial showcases, most of which rival and tower over any of the official SXSW shows put together. Hope you enjoy, because I sure will be. Check out the full roster of tracks after the jump.

What We Know - Pill Wonder

Artist: Phil Wonder
Song: What We Know

Rustic Arcadia - Campfires

Artist: Campfires
Song: Rustic Arcadia

The Biggest Nugget of the All - Jail

Artist: Jail
Song: The Biggest Nugget of the All

The Singularity - TV Ghost

Artist: TV Ghost
Song: The Singularity

Morgan - Cloud Nothings

Artist: Cloud Nothings
Song: Morgan

Halcyon Days - So Cow

Artist: So Cow
Song: Halcyon Days

Ratcatcher - Yellow Fever

Artist: Yellow Fever
Song: Ratcatcher

Bed Island - Christmas Island

Artist: Christmas Island
Song: Bad Island

Hots For Teacher - Coasting

Artist: Hots For Teacher
Song: Coasting

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