by kevin diamond

Next year, I’m training for at least two weeks before I get to SXSW. It’s been an exhausting week and it’s only been two days. Lots of standing around, lots of drinking in the hot sun, lots of walking back and forth between venues. It’s been a blast, but it’s also been draining.

Artist: Sleigh Bells
Song: Crown On The Ground

Was fortunate to see our good friends Sleigh Bells rock the NPR showcase at The Parish. The played at least one new song and a new version of “At The Beach.” They were sounding great in spite of a couple of Software malfunctions that had them re-starting a couple tunes.

We caught a parking lot set by Black Mother Super Rainbow’s Tobacco, followed by QC favs These Are Powers. This gets to the heart of what’s neat about SXSW: there’s so many open spaces that can be easily converted into a party with the help of a generator and a PA. We caught the gay-tastic Hunx and his Punxettes at the outdoor Cheer Up Charlies, as well as Tanlines and Lemonade. It’s a blast to see bands having fun in the warm Austin nights. It’s easy to forgive the sub par outdoor sound when you’re standing in a parking lot drinking a 16-ounce Lone Star.

Artist: These Are Powers
Song: Easy Answers

I stopped by the Pop Tarts Suck Toasted/I Rock I Roll showcase at Creekside Lounge to see my good friend Dinosaur Feathers. Their live show has been tightened the past few weeks while they’ve been on the road. They’re playing songs from their debut album Fantasy Memorial, which was just released, and they sound great. Twin Sister took the stage after them, battling a feedback-prone sound system to deliver a dynamic and atmospheric set.

Artist: Twin Sister
Song: Ginger

We had to finish the night at Longbranch Inn, where last night we were wowed by Jeff The Brotherhood. Wowing dutys this evening were curtesy of The Oh Sees, who tore the roof down. The line for the show at one point snaked down the street as way too many people crammed into a space not meant to hold more than 150. I saw Total Slacker and The Darlings in the crowd, watching as the masters showed everyone how it’s done.

Artist: The Oh Sees
Song: Enemy Destruct

It’s day three now. I play a show of my own today at a pool party somewhere off the beaten path. When that’s through, I’ll find myself back on the hunt for more tunes. My feet aching, my skin burning, my body trembling, my heart full.

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