by devin

From Creative Directors to Interactive Designers to Copywriters, a creative staff has one thing in common: they’re always looking for new ideas and inspirations. This need occasionally translates into an art show within a company. About a month ago our Creative department invited in a relatively young but very imaginative company to come share their work at a show in our office. I had a few free minutes, so I checked it out.

The company on display was YeeHaw Industries. Co-founders Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley create their work using an antique letterpress machine that they salvaged from a scrap pile. It’s very unique looking to say the least. They seem to have an affinity for music, as many of the themes focus on old-time artists like Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash, just to name a few. Some of their art tells a story, literally – I found a few prints that consist of nothing but short phrases, seemingly unconnected, that let your imagination run wild.

The company, though started in 1996, has gained some recent press. Their expanding client list includes some big name brands, like Ralph Lauren, MTV, House of Blues, and John Mellencamp, just to name a few. Check out YeeHaw’s unique letterpress work below. For more information and purchasing inquiries, check out

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