by mary leary

I’ve been listening to boring, pretentious claptrap and exhaustively intense rock all afternoon on about three hours’ sleep (don’t ask). Buried near the bottom of my review pile is this EP. I’ve spaced that it’s the B-52s’ Fred Schneider’s new project. So when I start listening I think it’s some goofy Floridians whose promo sheet story (which also starts the CD as a voiceover) about being takenover by aliens will soon have me throwing a sneaker at the player. I don’t expect to start jiggling to mildly industrial disco that would segue well with Devo or Spandau Ballet. Or that I’d be chuckling and occasionally howling at the sly ribaldry of “Those Sexy Saucer Girls” and “Totally Nude Island.” Neither of which engages me as much as “At the Piggly… standing in line,” from “Who Threw That Ham At Me.”

Artist: The Superions
Song: Totally Nude Island (The Lolligags Remix)

Most anyone who’s logged substantial time in the South feels some guilty affection for Piggly Wiggly stores – it’s the kind of working class/trailer park ephemera that makes John Waters fans identify with his work. Since I need regular doses of humor and/or Camp, the Superions refresh like a splash of the latest Avon cologne. Even the Imperial Teens couldn’t repeatedly deadpan, “Disco garbage can – flip your lid.”  Schneider still feels compelled to share this brand of booty-tempting absurdity – and that’s a real good thing.

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