by kristen b

Summer is upon us cityfolk.  This is that time of year where I purge my ipod of all that depressing,
I-want-to-hibernate-for-weeks crap, and load it up with all that is fun and loud. There’s nothing quite
like strolling around Brooklyn neighborhoods in the summer dodging bikes and kids screaming for Mister
Softee, gawking at all those strangely odd but cute mini versions of real dogs, all the while jamming to
Ratatat‘s “Seventeen Years.” 


This summer arrives bearing especially good news for me and all the other Ratatat fans out here in BK. The hometown pair’s new LP “LP3” drops July 8th. On top of that, they also just announced a very brief 5 date US tour that will be wrapping up at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 15th.  On a side note: I often like to promote the fact that the MH of W is one of the few music venues I’ve encountered that has a pre-show happy hour, $3 drafts.  Tickets for this one went on sale yesterday, and are a steal at $20 to see these two live.  So snatch them up early.

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