by marissa bea (pic by tim)

Great music doesn’t come from big labels, it doesn’t come from endless studio sessions, great equipment, or from anything else that they tell you on the radio. Great music comes from people who have pure, endless passion. It comes from the people who have to struggle to book shows, rarely play to more than 20 people, and/or use their laptop as a recording studio. Some get worldwide recognition, some stay underground. They all make music that should be heard. Enjoy this week’s More Music.

Artist: No Steve
Song: Track 01

No Steve

These yahoos are from Long Island. I can almost stop there. You can smell their influences, ranging from Nirvana to the Misfits, and I swear they have the humor of 12-year-olds. But it makes their music fun, interesting, and surprisingly good. They’re a little nuts, but that coupled with the fact that they are very good musicians allows them the room to be a little ridiculous.

Artist: Bradley Dean
Song: I’m All Alone

Bradley Dean

Once upon a time Dean was 1/3 of the New York punk rock band The Visitors (who have unfortunately died) but now plays solo, pulling together his punk roots and old timey blues, folk, rock, and anything good. Undeniably talented, Dean possesses a natural ability to tell a story and make your feet tap. Live shows are unpredictable, and getting your hands on his music is a whole other story. But, he sure as hell knows music.

Artist: Lisa Jaeggi
Song: Empirical Science

Lisa Jaeggi

Given the obvious comparison to Jason Mraz, I would say that Jaeggi has infinitely more interesting, intricate and inventive music than he does. Her quick lyrics, ethereal voice and fancy guitar work make her quite a diamond in the rough. She’s a badass, New York songstress with a soft first impression, and her new album, Oh Lady You Shot Me, is on itunes – you need to have it.

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