by greg dybec

For many of us New Yorkers, our ever-expanding, forever changing, perpetually intriguing city is something we have become accustomed to. Not that we don’t appreciate our fascinating confines, though it may be safe to say that we don’t all keep an eye out for wonderment when commuting to work or running errands. New York’s own Eric Drooker is a painter, illustrator, and graphic novelist who particularly enjoys taking his NYC surroundings and transforming them into scenes of beauty and mayhem that always seem to capture the cities essence. Whether it is a jungle outside of a subway stop, a skyline made of books, or business men roaming the city on stilts, Drooker has not forgotten the endless inspiration that New York has stockpiled around every corner and across every avenue.

Artist: BLK JKS
Song: ZOL!


Since the nineties, Drooker has shared his transcendental visions of the city, creating various covers for The New Yorker. In 1996, Drooker collaborated with quintessential beat poet Allen Gingsberg for the creation of the book Illuminated Poems. Drooker’s artwork accompanied dozens of selected Ginsberg poems, giving new life to the works, while combining the talents of two visionaries from different generations.

Drooker’s own works include Flood! A Novel in Pictures and Blood Song: A Silent Ballad, along with other collections of illustrations, postcards, and street-poster artwork. Eric Drooker’s absorbing visions, accompanied by impressive illustrations and creative stories, are gems within the realm of graphic novels. As a metropolitan artist, Drooker’s work is a testimony to the ability that New York still has to enchant and inspire.

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