by kate max

It may have been the first overheated, sweaty dance party of 2010: on Sunday night Above the Auto Parts store was the place to be as Bjork (Yes, THAT Bjork) was DJing and dancing amongst the sweat-soaked crowd. At any given moment, you could have stepped on the the toes of the clown-inspired costume of the Icelandic musical goddess. She was smiling and mingling with other revelers including Questlove and the additional DJs of the night: Dave Longstreth, Tyondai Braxton, Alex Ross, and Brandon Stosuy. The music was an eclectic set of hip hop, electronic, and rock inspired mixes that kept the crowd going late. Bjork’s set was as interesting and intriguing as the artist herself, and it was truly a rare experience to listen to her work in such a small, DIY space. Check out the pic above which shows a bodega rubber baseball we got tagged by QuestLove and Bjork.

Artist: Bjork’s Say dip mix
Song: Stressed Out

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