by ND McCray

Jahcoozi, Barefoot Wanderer (BPitch Control) | dubstep/electro/experimental

Berlin-based Jahcoozi’s Barefoot Wanderer is as eclectic as its members: Robot Koch, who does the beats, is from Berlin; Sasha Perera hails from London, she’s on vocals; and basslines are done by Oren Gerlitz from Tel Aviv. Overall, the album is a mix of basslines and moods reflecting dubstep, early dancehall, hip hop and electro…and yet still, I can’t categorize Jahcoozi. And I love that shit!

Artist: Jahcoozi
Song: Speckles Shine


Also check out their previous full-lengths: Blitz ‘n’ Ass (2007) and Pure Breed Mongrel (2005) for some serious beats and bass.

Lovebirds, My Man (EP) (Freerange) | deep house/soulful house

Sorry but this isn’t your mama’s bluegrass group. That said, Sebastian Doering or Lovebirds is a soulful house DJ/producer hailing from Hamburg, Germany. With influences from Roy Ayers, Michael Jackson, and Prince, My Man is a techy mix of 80s soul and house remixed by the Bulgarian experimentalist KiNK. But if you must, do cop a copy of his West Coast EP (2009) as well. It’s funky, it’s smooth, and it’s quite nice!

Artist: Lovebirds
Song: My Man


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