by motormouth media (image by Julia Sverchuk)

We are pleased to announce the first tour dates for the debut collaboration of So Percussion and Matmos. Live, you can expect expanded/deconstructed/chopped and screwed versions of the songs on the Treasure State record, as well as songs by So Percussion and songs from Matmos’ previous records. Also expect some top secret cover songs too (caveat: you have to come to the shows to find out which tunes). Each song will present a healthy blend of improvisation and through-composed parts; some structure and some chaos. They will be playing contact-mic-ed cactuses, vibraphones, drums, aluminum space blankets and beercans, birdcalls and horns, custom synths, and laptops, and people whooping and hollering too. The performance will be presented in Quadrophonic sound (the band will bring an extra PA so that instead of the normal stereo, the shows will be presented as quad live mixes for four speakers). Check out full tour dates after the jump…

Artist: So Percussion and Matmos
Song: Treasure


So Percussion/Matmos Tour Dates

6/2 Montreal Mutek Festival (festival show Matmos only)

6/9 New York City, LPR

6/12 Chicago, Museum of ContemporaryArt

6/13 Minneapolis, Ceder Cultural Center

6/17 Seattle, The Triple Door

6/19 Vancouver, Biltmore Cabaret

6/20 Portland, Holocene

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