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Your presence is cordially requested to witness the official union of Miss Katie Kristine Darling and David Randall Sherman. You may think you know the drill, you’ve been to weddings before, but we guarantee you’ll never be a part of one as magical as this. Live bands and magicians will entrance and engage you while love and refreshments abound! Your attendance makes you a member of the wedding PARTY, as we go all-out to send away the happy couple in truly sensational and jovial fashion.

Artist: PJPJ
Song: Cannon Dance

Monster Island Basement will be transformed into the ultimate wedding reception featuring live performances kicked off by QC house band The Prenups, followed by Sunglasses, Carnivores, Swimming In Speakers, and Project Jenny/Project Jan, ensuring that the dance party runs deep into the night. In between acts, professional magicians and wondrous emcee Eric Walton will keep us enchanted until the grand marriage. Following the ceremony by an actual ordained minister, Project Jenny/Project Jan will blast us with dance tunes through the A.M.! Admire the wedding decor, enjoy drinks with the happy couple, and bring all your friends to partake in holy matrimonial fun.

Quietcolor’s Magic Wedding Presented by Fruitsential
5 bands  |  Magic Shows  |  Actual Wedding
Monster Island Basement
Friday, May 21, 2010
128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy
8PM | All Ages | $10 |

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