by allison v

Last night marked the first day of the festival, which started off swimmingly. I spent the night at only one stage as a superior lineup ensued: MGMT followed by Battles and finishing with a set by Vampire Weekend. MGMT, which officially goes by Management, gave a great show full of the usual high powered lyricisms layered over their carefully crafted groove; it was a great continuance of their debut album, Oracular Spectacular tour thats proven quite successful thus far. The duo that is MGMT started off its magenta lighted festivity with the question “Who is here to see Metallica?” (Which received a somewhat uninterested response) then the next question: “Who’s is here for Battles and Vampire Weekend?” to which the audience got a little more than excited about.


It is easy to say that Battles rocked it out, making it a show that is going to be hard to top by the end of the festival. The quartet of the four phenomenal New York musicians even admitted to a performance of which they apparently messed up the ending , but to the audience that was more than enthralled by their heavy sound complete with five foot cymbal, Battles was (pardon my French) Fucking Amazing.

Ending the night were the Columbia graduates of Vampire Weekend who procured their usual sounds, which was definitely a good show, don’t get me wrong, but in the shadow of what was in my opinion one of the greatest sets that will play at Bonnaroo this year, I find it hard to say they were on the same level. I also think it has a little bit to do with the radio play that Vampire Weekend has received lately. A lot of people know them only for their hit singles, so you had a lot of screaming kids swarming the stage to sing along to those two songs.

Overall last night was full of some great shows. The crowd attending Bonnaroo is a bit different this year, and the festival hopping hippies seem a bit sparse, but everyone has proved to be great neighbors thus far. The weather is cooler than it’s been the past three years, and the cleanliness of the festival this year is definitely something new, but then again it is only the first day. We’ll see if I have the same opinions by the end. It also could have something to do with my camping in the press area as opposed to the basic camping which has been my experience the last two years.

Today the Raconteurs will for sure be the highlight of my day. But, late night I think is going to be another really great set because after the headlining slot of Metallica who plays from 9 – 11:30, the fun begins with a three hour set by My Morning Jacket (12-3am) to which I’ll attend after MSTRKFT finishes up their set that plays from 12 – 1:30 am. For now, that’s all she wrote. Check out the gallery for some good pictures, and check tomorrow for an update about tonight.

Check out the picture gallery, photos by Daniel Oglander.

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