by allison v

Yesterday my plans were to hit as many shows as possible, But, those plans were quickly foiled in the face of some great shows I couldnít manage to tear myself away from. Letís see where to begin. We caught a little private show in a really small tent by the Felice Brothers, who is a band I never really heard much about until yesterday when I actually heard them. They were really quite good, four boys releasing a very down home sound complete with washboards, and maracas. Their song, ďRuby MaeĒ which I was lucky enough to catch a few live recordings, which I hope to get up soon, was beautifully haunting and delightful all at the same time.

The Centeroo shows began at about three for me with a set by the Fiery Furnaces that was a follow up to their main stage set. Besides her microphone being initially really screwed up and the sound being a little off kilter, Fiery Furnaces did not disappoint. Which is pretty great that I was able to focus on their show considering the burlesque performers that were happening directly to the left of their stage, literally right next to the stage. Bonnaroo is a crazy world. But after Eleanor Friedburger sang me away, I headed over to be soothed by the beautifully erratic vocal stylings of Jack White in the company of the Raconteurs. A Nashville based band tore the stage up with an utterly prolific sound. Not only did the Raconteurs make a great show, but I had a visual spectacle of the most intense rat tail ever seen on a woman walking in front of me. I mean we are talking about a two and a half foot mow-hawked braided rattail with metal embellishments. I mean this was the culmination of bad hair choices at itís finest. But eventually the show ended and the rat-tail disappeared back into the masses, probably never to be seen again.

Something unexpected happened next, as I once again made my way over to the M.I.A. show mostly in curiosity since rumors of her show being cancelled were swarming the camp grounds like wildfire, but when I arrived the stage was set up and (drum roll please) SHE ACTUALLY DID A SOUND CHECK THIS TIME! Eventually M.I.A. came on the stage clad in gold with a bright orange wig a top her head as she announced that today would be the end of her tour. ďIím glad Iím spending it with all my hippies,Ē Then she started the show, which was the first time I heard about or witnessed a truly successful M.I.A. show. The audience was going wild over her while she brought Afrika Boy out on stage to finish up her set. But, it stated raining so I had to abandon her show and head back to the camp sight to put the electronics away.

A down pour ensued as Metallica played a set that a lot of people really enjoyed. Like me or Hate me, Iím just not that big of a Metallica fan. I guess I just never really got into it, but apparently it was the first Bonnaroo show with a mosh pit. But I caught a little glimpse, got my Metallica fill, and then headed to the mess hall for a grilled cheese and a Sweetwater summer ale.

The true raves were out last night as MSTRKFT rocked it out hard, During the hour and a half set they DJ-ed/remixed they finished two bottles of crown, thatís a bottle each, and smoked maybe a hundred cigarettes as girls and boys swarmed the actual stage and carried the already occurring dance party from the tent of the show to the stage itself. At one point there was kid standing directly in front of their table taking pictures of Jesse F and Alex ďAl-PĒ with his disposable camera. We actually caught a friend of ours on the stage pulling out the most sever dance moves EVER, but he was in the company of some other pretty serious dancers so no worries. Those were pretty much the highlights. My morning Jacketís show was actually pretty weak, and their sound was not up to par, but all in all the night ended in a monsoon, and now I begin today in rain and mud. Until Tomorrow, my friends, until tomorrow.

Check out the picture gallery, photos by Daniel Oglander.

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