by ryan s.

A few months ago I met a fascinating young woman in the back room of the Bjork Above the Auto Parts show and was lucky enough to maintain contact. I’ve had the chance to view her evolving art pieces and wanted to share them, along with her explanation of the creative process. [She overlays photos and pencil drawings on vellum before retouching.] I find her work and thought process to be extremely intelligent and inspiring. I’m hopeful you’ll feel the same. After the jump are the words I received from the talented Jeanee Hammett. Which reminds me that it always pays to talk to strangers.

Jeanee: I have been mostly engaged with understanding what I was doing, in Architecture School, drawing out unbuildable spaces the extent of which I c/would not apply a limit to. In Arch. theory, the infinitely unfolding space is only possible as a matter of perception, as we see a wall seem to end at a floor but come to understand the structural lattice that serves to bridge them both.

Additionally, we are given to understand by the likes of Newton, Planck, and Einstein that light travels in bundles, has an effective mass, and responds to gravity/bends its path around (planetary) bodies. I have been seeking to draw out and model the potential experience of a universal/elemental space. The terms we have come to work with are limited by the character of our perception.

My perception has been clouded in a reckoning of personal histories. As I shed those past, a new light brings resolution to the work.  It is with the sense of perceptive flux that Ive been making drawings to bend and fracture space to suit the ambiguous will of contemporary man. This is in reference to H. Bergsons analysis of the minds eye. He recognized that each time we meet, we are not the same person. He utilized a diagram similar to that describing the nature of magnetic poles. This diagram has been instrumental, for me, as metaphor and model to the cyclical nature of growth, decay, and work.

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