by QC staff

Hi QC visitors, hope your minds are relatively chill. I feel this Summer has brought on some serious phases of transition in all aspects, from love and friendships to┬ácareer choices. The same goes for QC, as we are but a few weeks away from launching a new and improved Quiet Color. As you may have noticed, we’ve slowed down our daily blog postings in anticipation of our new format: A bi-monthly web-release of original video content, editorials, and fresh music for your transitioned mind. We’ve got a brand new site design on the horizon that’s sure to delight, so stay patient and keep checking back to QC for the new digs. We’re especially excited for an exclusive D.I.Y. video podcast series we’ve produced featuring inspirational performances by Javelin, These Are Powers, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, and many others. We are hopeful you’ll like what we’ve been brewing. Stay tuned!

Artist: Major Lazer & La Roux
Song: Bulletproof (Nacey Remix)
Artist: Yellow Fever
Song: Bermuda Triangle

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