by john intrater (jcistudio.com)

Outside Lands 2010.  Golden Gate Park is the home to the festival since the beginning (’08). The park is located on the outskirts of the Richmond district, on the west side of San Francisco.  Check out the full festival photo gallery after the jump…

Artist: Al Green
Song: Simply Beautiful (George Lenton Remix)

Golden Gate Park

The park itself is gigantic. Having these shuttles provided by Toyota was an amazing start to the weekend. And it was free!

The line to get in on Saturday morning.

No special treatment at Outside Lands. Even Chewy had to wait in line and be frisked.

My partner in crime for the weekend.

Several really cool statues were located in the middle of the Polo fields seperating the two main stages. Still have yet to find out who the artist is.

Statue #2, the upsidedown leaf.

Electric Six, the very first band to play of the weekend. People were pumped.

Cool tigers


Al Green on the big stage. Only 38 years after Lets Stay Together dropped.

Slighty Stoopid hits the stage. Solid crowd formed early for this show.

Slighty Stoopid sounds similar to Sublime, which makes sense considering 2 of the guys are childhood friends with Brad Nowell.


My view of Phoenix, my favorite show of the weekend, by far. Crowd was gigantic.

Had to sit for a minute when the sun finally broke through the fog.

Epic 'stache

Not sure what this dude is drinking but I wanted one. And check out the creepy laugh on the right.

There is no city like SF when the sun comes out.

Nas and Damian Marley on the Twin Peaks stage.

Sunday crowd seemed significantly larger than Saturday. Good view from the top of the hill.

Social Distortion on the Sutro stage Sunday late afternoon.

Not a bad place for a concert.

Funny shirt. And not just because I celebrate the festival of lights.

Sneaky hitchhikers.

Sunset as we made our way back from Nas and Damian Marley.

Great end to a great weekend.

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