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Had my first listen to Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis’ new album Feed the Animals today, and I feel happy. I’ve been a big fan ever since I first heard the Pixie’s Where Is My Mind and Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So in the same song (Night Ripper’s Too Deep.) Unescapable ass-shaking abounded. Feed the Animals is a more fluid, more intricately woven step forward in this amazing mash-up artist’s career. There is a feeling of continuity that Night Ripper lacked, with more revisiting of samples throughout each track and a less choppy sound overall. It was great to hear M.I.A., the sparkly-pantsed, incredible beat-mixing goddess that she is, sampled more than once, along with everything from Ace of Base to Jimi Hendrix…


Released in Radiohead’s In Rainbows style, you can download the songs for free ( or donate the amount you choose. I chose 10 bucks. It seemed like a nice thing to do. Also gets me a pre-ordered, physical CD when it comes out in September. Many people make the argument that Gillis doesn’t pay for his samples, so they shouldn’t have to pay for the album… but paying for his more than 300 samples on Feed the Animals alone seems a pretty unreasonable notion…

(Note: This is the real deal, though tracks by an amateur named Speaky, a student at Westchester University, PA, were tagged as Girl Talk’s back in March and many believed them to be a leak of this album. A few friends making a joke, apparently, which spiraled quickly. Gillis publicly denounced the work, while listeners debated Speaky’s abilities.)

Whatever you choose, have a dance party in your living room as soon as possible. We all need more of that in our lives, or at least I do.

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