by DQ

A good friend of mine called me in a frenzy last week demanding that I check out Flobots on YouTube. What began as a 5 minute info-digging session turned into almost 2 hours of amazing music sampling.


Flobots, originally from Denver, CO, formed in 2000. They’ve been gaining some speed on the West coast early this year, and have recently made TV appearances on Leno, Carson Daly, and Dr. Drew’s Loveline. Who doesn’t love a band that can jam and dole out sex advice? Check out the videos below including their hit single “Handlebars” and a short piece about the mission of the Flobots’ band/organization. Also, be sure to check out flobots.net to see their recently launched webcomic.

Click here for tour dates, but good luck as I think they might all be sold out.
“Handlebars” by Flobots

“Do not listen to this broadcast alone…” – A Flobots Featurette by lockerpartners

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