by kevin diamond

Listen, Sigur Rós, some of us have fucking day jobs, ok? Your cinematic soundscapes may have been fascinating when we were in college, skipping class to smoke opium and pig out on dining hall food. But how do you expect a 9-to-5er like me to take time out of his busy schedule to consume and digest every bit of nuanced beauty you selfishly squeeze into song after song? This is hardly Subway listening fare. I’d much rather listen to the new Girl Talk album Feed The Animals, who’s sample-tastic pastiche eerily matches the ADD aspects of underground public transportation. Even Radiohead came to their senses on their most recent album, ditching the heavy-duty introspective electronic lovefests for simple pop songs. I just can’t… I just…

I’m sorry, I just starting crying.


Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust, like most Sigur Rós albums, is a sonic dream; A beautiful testament to the fragility of humanity. That sounds pompous, and it may be, but it’s not unwarranted. Few bands have come on as strong as Sigur Rós and failed to fade away. I remember buying my first Sigur Ros album the same day I bought my first God Speed! You Black Emperor album. At the time I thought they were both brilliant. Sigur Rós I still follow to this day, whereas God Speed… God Speed…

Sorry, I just started crying again.

Do your tear ducts a favor and take an hour out of your life to listen to this album start to finish, with or without mind altering chemicals. Your heart will thank you.

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