by kristen bartley

Last week’s Ted Leo show was rocking. We all need a little good old guitar rock sometimes, and River to River vet Leo always delivers on that one. If you missed it, this week’s show should be a good follow-up with Brooklyn’s eclectic Akron/Family. Consider yourself informed.

Thursday. Is it just me or have Thursdays become the new Friday night? Happy hour is always packed, everyone out and about, drunkies abounding either passed out or making out on the streets as I shuffle into work Friday morning. Is there some new New York City labor law that I’m unaware of that says people don’t have to work Friday anymore? In any case, if you are one of early birds who like to get the weekend kicked off a bit early Battery Park’s Castle Clinton (courtesy of River to River) is boasting a great line-up of free shows on Thursday evenings this summer. My recommendation is ditch work a little early, round up a few friends to do the same, pick up the free tickets (which are available starting at 5) and get a little happy hour action in before the show starts at 7. Then catch a great show inside a historical NYC landmark as the sun is setting (FREE! And no, I was not paid to write this, even though it is starting to sound that way) and be
out with the night still young, more partying to be had, and no late night “f”-ed up subways.

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