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by QC staff Well, hello there. How’ve you been? How was the year? What did you do? Who did you see? Why did you make the decisions you made? Did they turn out well? Did your mistakes become happy accidents? Did you hear that song? You know which one. Wasn’t it great? How about that [...]


by neil, alex, & muggs The weekend was a break from social convention, an immersion into music of the last 20 years, and a psychedelic adventure in Manchester, Tennessee.¬† An illustrious collection of Brooklyn indie rockers graced the Bonnaroo stages over the four day affair, with some surprise standouts. We’ve got band by band breakdowns [...]


by joey bots What do you get when you mix one part: soul, two parts: rock & roll, a dash of the blues, and sprinkle it with Ben Harper’s brilliant song writing? Relentless7, Ben Harper’s newly formed project. Said to imitate the unique styles of performers such as Cream, Prince (yeah, that’s right), and Pink [...]


by phil Andr√© Benjamin and Antwan Patton are coming out of seclusion. About two and half years since their last release, the disappointing soundtrack to their 2006 feature film, Idlewild — Outkast are set to release a string of albums in 2009. The first two of which will be solo treks with the final a [...]