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by conrad French trip hop producer Jean-Christophe Le Saoƻt, musically known as Wax Tailor, released his third album last week and is touring the U.S. during the month of October. His new stuff gives off a west coast vibe in the spirit of Blackalicious and J5. The first single off of In The Mood For [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 22 (NOV 16 – 22)

by bmac Another QC reunion in NYC this weekend. Good times. So good, in fact, that we didn’t really post shit. Sigh. Our apologies to the readers who suffer from our hungover laziness. Anyway, this weeks mixtape is a little on the short side and has a lot more hip hop than usual. It’s freaking [...]


by bmalec I find that I’m most satisfied after a productive day or a selfless and helpful act. But life is an odyssey filled with lazy moments and selfish decisions. No need to get down though. Self analysis is for learning about yourself and maximizing opportunity. Here’s an elongated mixtape for motivation. Life is long, [...]