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by christos mountzouros Swim is Caribou’s follow up to the critically acclaimed and Polaris Prize winning record Andorra. The new album was released on April 20th via Merge Records. Quiet Color’s Christos Mountzouros recently had a chance to chat with Dan Snaith AKA Caribou about his new release. While the calling card provided by the [...]


by tao (concert pic by michael forester) You can mark down April 20th as the US release date for Caribou’s latest, Swim. Dan Snaith has laid relatively low, writing and touring since his last release in 2007. This new record promises a new type of sound from the master beat maker. Born Ruffians’ singer Luke Lalonde [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 40 (APR 5 – 11)

by bmac Pop Out Player As you can see, we’re test driving a new player for our 40th mixtape.  Over the last few weeks we’ve received numerous requests to implement some kind of playlist-style player on the site, so this is us saying “WE FEEL YOUR PAIN”.  We’ve always wanted to set one up, but [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 28 (JAN 11 – 17)

by bmac These are historic times we live in.  The end of a period that lacked rationality and trust, and the beginning of one riddled with hope-dotted question marks.  It all starts this week.  Please join me in wishing everyone in the new administration good luck.  All of you fools on the way out should [...]


by stoli Everyone should know these guys pretty well by now but I feel obligated to post on them again because some people still give me confused looks when I bring them up in musical conversation. I also want to pump their upcoming NYC show. The Born Ruffians are a three piece band out of [...]


by kevin diamond The Polaris prize: it’s like the Mercury prize for canucks. And who’s more deserving of canuck-of-the-year than The Artist Formally Known As Manitoba himself, Caribou. His psychedelic electronica album won the honors and the 20,000 dollars over bands like Stars, Plants and Animals, Holy Fuck and Black Mountain. We here at Quiet [...]


by vassili mikonos Volcano! is a three piece experimental band from Chicago. I don’t know much about them other than that they’re signed to The Leaf Label in the UK. Leaf has released albums from QC favorites such as Psapp and Caribou so we had to give Volcano! a listen. The band has a new [...]