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by greg dybec Back in April of this year I wrote a review on Doom’s much anticipated reemergence back into the hip-hop game with his album Born Like This. I had concluded that review by stating that I expect to see a lot more from my favorite masked man in the near future. Well it’s [...]


by greg dybec The man behind the mask has finally reappeared onto a hip-hop scene that has been awaiting his return. The former MF DOOM has seemed to have dropped the first two initials and simplified it down to just DOOM. His latest Album, Born Like This, is the rapper’s first piece of work after [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 40 (APR 5 – 11)

by bmac Pop Out Player As you can see, we’re test driving a new player for our 40th mixtape.  Over the last few weeks we’ve received numerous requests to implement some kind of playlist-style player on the site, so this is us saying “WE FEEL YOUR PAIN”.  We’ve always wanted to set one up, but [...]


by frances Like clockwork I start craving rap when the weekend rolls around. Sometimes the only cure for exhaustion is bass and poetry. I’m removed from (or disinterested in) the modern rap game so I count on my iTunes shuffle to pop out hip hop tracks that I vibe with. Because I plan to have [...]