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by jake cohen If you’re unfamiliar with what Tomer Hanuka is all about, you’ve been doing your eyes a great disservice. A slew of industry accolades and awards (including an Oscar nomination earlier this year) notwithstanding, the man’s images have been plastered across a constellation of commodities in our visual universe. His unparalleled comics-influenced combinations [...]


by charles poladian After Coachella, it seems like everyone is trying to catch their breath. Another big festival is in the news, and there’s always something brewing on the concert scene. There are also amazing new tracks from Major Lazer and Sonic Youth. The Major Lazer jam features Santogold and it’s something otherworldly. So without [...]


by charles poladian Springtime is hitting the Indie News Reel this weekend. It’s going to beautiful outside, so we are all looking forward to spending some beautiful days together. This weekend promises some great things, and this Reel should provide fodder to get the party starting. Also a special treat, two songs from Lissy Trullie. [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 38 (MAR 22 – 28)

by lee harvey Here’s another stellar and eclectic mixtape for ya’ while we continue to bide our time. This week’s literary passage is an excerpt from Samuel Becketts’ Waiting For Godot. Forever relevant, the play has stuck with me since I first saw it as a child. Here’s a classic line from Pozzo: Have you [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 35 (MAR 1 – 7)

by bmac Well looky here… a mixtape that’s actually published on time!  I woke up bright and early this morning, inspired by the warm weather in the northeast, and decided to get some shit done.  Thanks to a badass Hype Filter post we’re rollin’ out another fatty 20+ mixtape this week.  Throw this badboy in [...]


by kevin diamond I’m drinking a Kombucha. It’s got probiotics and antioxidants and, like, mucus and shit. I’m the last person to go for new-age fads and all that hippy bullshit, but something about the active cultures in this sour-tasting tea makes my poops feel good. Too much information? Here’s the hype filter, pre-digested by [...]