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by muggsy It’s 5 am and I am sitting in the sky. Except for a sea of lights below me, everything is black. I’m the only one awake and just drank my weight in wine. I like where this year is going. Artist: Cotton Jones Song: Gone The Bells Artist: John Vanderslice Song: Trance Manual [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 44 (MAY 3 – 9)

by inigo Pop Out Player There’s some golden shit on this week’s mix. Here’s a tidbit from the lost chapters of Trout fishing in America by master author Richard Brautigan: …Needless to say: Everybody (everybody being the sky, etc.) was bored up to here with that river.  Birds and deer tried to keep away from [...]


by m bea (jv pic by autumn de wilde) This week’s More Music brings together all sorts of different genres, so you can pretty much find anything to suit your aural pleasure. This week’s installment is packed with homestyle Brooklyn goodness from right around the corner. Variety is the spice of life, so I thought [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 31 (FEB. 1 – 7)

by bmac Did everyone catch Radiohead at the Grammys last night?  They recruited the USC marching band for their first ever Grammy performance, and they fucking killed it with a badass rendition of “15 Step” (video after the jump).  The whole marching band was rocking In Rainbows tshirts, and the percussion section was going absolutely [...]


by rico (pic by autumn de wilde) John Vanderslice has teamed up with Austin label Dead Oceans (Akron/Family, Bishop Allen) to release his upcoming album entitled Romanian Names. It will be the Gainseville-born musician’s first release since Emerald City came out in 2007 on Barsuk. Vanderslice seems psyched about his new label, commenting on his [...]